UPSC CSE Mains: Answer Writing Skill

UPSC CSE Mains examination is quite a difficult examination. Here you have to give your best. This examination test your knowledge, analytical ability, presentation, decision making…etc. All the papers you will write in this exam are very lengthy especially GS I, II, III. Here you will get very limited time to think. But still, some students are able to write a good answer and answering almost all the questions.

  How to Practice answer writing for UPSC CSE Mains?

UPSC CSE mains answer development skill is the key to get selected in civil services examination.
  1. Make answer writing practice as a part of preparation means start writing answers since the beginning of your preparation. Every time you study something to write a small summary of the topic you studied.
  2. In the initial stage write about 100 words about a topic. The ability to write more words about a topic will increase automatically.
  3. Whenever study a chapter write an answer to the questions related to that chapter. If possible write an answer to questions asked in UPSC CSE.
  4. Answer writing practice will improve your knowledge, memory, presentation, speed, to write content as per the demand of the question.
  5. Since three months before the mains examination writes the answer in examination mode. Write one paper at a time but within a stipulated time.
  6. The number of Paper you will write in one day should increase.
  7. Practice Three papers a day in the last one month to gains comfort in the real examination.

Answer writing ability will be gained slowly. You can not acquire this skill in a short time. More and more you will practice your skill will improve accordingly.

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How UPSC CSE Mains answer writing should be improved after the Prelims Examination?

After Prelims Examination answer writing practice should be started. One should not for the completion of the syllabus to start answer writing. After the Prelims Examination whatever study writes short notes of it. You can also join any test series to practice answer writing and getting feedback. But without practicing at home you will not able to write a good answer. Along with writing short notes of every topic, previous year questions asked by UPSC is one of the most important tools to practice answer writing. In the beginning, write one paper on a daily basis and increase up to three in the last month of the examination.

When you should start answer writing for IAS Mains Examination?

Ideally, answer writing should be integrated into the preparation. You should start writing on the first day of your preparation. Since the first day whatever you study write short notes of that topic in your language. Initially how much you should write does not matter, just write for the sake of writing. Short notes writing during the initial phase of your preparation will help you memorize some facts, better understanding, writing speed.

After a few months of preparation, you should start the answer to the questions asked by UPSC, Mock Test by various institutes. Prior to Mains writing, you can also join any coaching institute for Test Series and answer writing practice. But answer writing practice at home is the Key.

How answer should be written in Civil Services Mains?

There is no definite format to write the answer in UPSC CSE Mains. The format of the answer depends upon the question. But still, you should keep in mind certain things while writing the answer.

1. Write the content relevant to the demand of the question.

2. The answer should be comprehensive, 

3. Write the answer in paragraph or point format depending upon question.

4. If the question is opinion based try to give a real opinion. Do not write an artificial answer.

5. Justification is the main key to your answer which helps you to fetch good marks. To justify your opinion while examples from the real world.

5. Providing more and more content from real-world/incidents will help you to fetch good marks.

6. Answer each section of the question in a balanced manner.

What constitutes a good answer in Mains?

A good answer must contain the following qualities.

1. Content should be as per the demand of the question.

2. The presentation of the question should be in a proper way.

3. Every opinion should be justified, if possible from real-world incidents.

4. The answer should be readable.

5. Every sub-component should be answered in a balanced way.

 Which coaching institute is best for UPSC CSE Mains answer writing practice? 

There are many coaching institutes that run test series for Mains answer writing. These coaching institutes are located in various cities. Some best institutes for Mains Test series are Vision IAS, Vajiram and Ravi, Sriram IAS, Drishti IAS, Insight IAS, GS Score, ALS IAS, Chanakya IAS, KSG.

Shankar IAS, Geostencil.

But joining a coaching institute is not sufficient to practice answer writing unless and until you practice answer writing at home. So write as many answers as you can at home. 

What is the role of answer writing skill in UPSC Mains?

Mains answer writing skill plays a very important role in the UPSC Mains examination. Also, 30% of marks allocated on the basis of Mains answer writing skills.
The main point which one should keep in mind while answer writing in UPSC Mains.
Use of Proper word related to the subject matter.
Write content which is well readable

What are the key points in the Mains answer writing in UPSC Exam?

The main point which one should keep in mind while answer writing in UPSC Mains.
Use of Proper word related to the subject matter.
Write content which is well readable

how to practice upsc mains answer writing?

You should make the answer writing practice the part of your preparation from very beginning. Whatever you study write a short notes on that.
Aslo practice the previous year question papers as much as possible.