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The State Election Commission(SEC) is a constitutional body which came into existence after the 73rd constitutional amendment act 1992. The main function of it is to supervise, direct and control the election for the urban and rural local bodies.

The main function of the State Election Commission is to conduct the election for the Panchayat and Nagar Panchayat election.
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Different states of India have established the SEC to conduct the election for the local bodies in their respective states. Article 243K of the Indian constitution deals with the SEC.

Power and Duties of State Election Commission

The following constitutes the main power and functions of the State Election Commission.

  1. Preparation and Revision of Electoral Roll for Panchayat, Nagar Panchayat, and Municipal Election.
  2. Supervision, Direction, and Control of Local Bodies Election.
  3. Delimitation of territorial constituencies of panchayat, Nagar Panchayat and Nagar Nigam.

Appointment of Members of State Election Commission

As per article 243K of the Indian constitution, the members of the State Election Commission are appointed by the governor of the respective states.


The qualification for the State Election Commissioner has been prescribed as that of a person who on the date of his appointment or date of retirement has held or is holding a post in the rank of Additional Secretary or higher rank in Central government or equivalent post in the state government.


The tenure of the State Election Commissioner has been prescribed as five years from the date he assumes office subject to that where the State Election Commissioner attains the age of sixty-six years before the expiry of the said five years, he shall vacate his office on the date on which he attains the said age.

A person who on the date of his appointment as State Election Commissioner was in the service of the government , shall have to resign or take retirement from the service to which he belongs.

salary and allowances

The State Election Commissioner is entitled to the same salary and allowances which were admissible to him at the time of retirement prior to his appointment as State Election Commissioner subject to the condition that his salary in respect of service as the State Election Commissioner shall be reduced by (a) by amount of present pension (b) by the amount of the commuted value in respect of the previous if he had, before assuming office, received in lieu of the portion of pension due to him.

The SEC members shall be entitled to travel allowance, rent-free and furnished accommodation, conveyance facility, medical facilities, leave and such other conditions of service as are for the time being, applicable to an officer of Indian Administrative Service in the same or equivalent scale of pay.


The State Election Commissioner shall not be removed from his office except in the like manner and on the like grounds as the judge of the High Court.

Source : State Election Commissioner

State Election Commission(SEC) is appointed by whom?

The members of SEC is appointed by the Governor of the respective state.

What is the function of State Election Commission?

The function of the SEC is to supervise, direct and control the election of Panchayat and Urban Local Bodies.

State Election commission is appointed by which Act?

The 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act made the provision for the establishment of a constitutional body in each state to conduct the election for Local Bodies.

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