Schedules of Indian Constitution: 12 Schedules

Schedules of Indian constitution has been added as appendage to the Indian constitution. In the Original constitution there was 8 schedules.
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Schedules of the Indian Constitution are part of the Constitution but their amendment does not require the Constitutional Amendment Bill to be passed by Parliament. Originally the number of Schedules in the Indian Constitution was 8 but now its number has been increased up to 12. Which are as follows

List of Schedules of Indian Constitution

Schedule 1: It contains the list of all the States and Union Territories. At present, there are 28 states and 9 Union Territories. Name of all the states and Union territories are mention in this schedule.

Schedule 2: Provisions related to emolument, allowances, and Privileges of various constitutional dignitaries like the president of India, Governor of States, Judges of Supreme Court and High Court.

Schedule 3: Form of Oath and affirmation by various constitutional dignitaries and others like Union Ministers, Member of Parliament..etc.

Schedule 4: Allocation of seats in the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) to various States and Union Territories.

Schedule 5: Provisions for the administration of Schedule areas and Schedule Tribes.

Schedule 6: Provisions for the administration of Tribal Areas in [Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Tripura].

Schedule 7: Division of various subjects of legislation in Union, State, and Concurrent List.

Schedule 8: It contains the list of Indian Regional Languages. At present total 22 languages are mentioned in this schedule. These languages are as follows

1) Assamese

(2) Bengali

(3) Gujarati

(4) Hindi

(5) Kannada

(6) Kashmiri

(7) Konkani

(8) Malayalam

(9) Manipuri

(10) Marathi

(11) Nepali

(12) Oriya

(13) Punjabi

(14) Sanskrit

(15) Sindhi

(16) Tamil

(17) Telugu

(18) Urdu

(19) Bodo

(20) Santhali

(21) Maithili

(22) Dogri

Schedule 9: Validation of various Acts and Regulations. At present around 287 Acts of various states and Union are included in this schedule. Any act mentioned in this schedule is immune from nullification by the judiciary even if it violates the Fundamental Rights. This Schedule was added during the First Amendment to the Indian constitution.

Schedule 10: It contains provisions related to Anti-Defection. It was inserted by the 52nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1985

Schedule 11: Subjects related to Panchayati Raj. This schedule was added during the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act 1992.

Schedule 12: Subjects related to Municipalities. This schedule was added during the 74 Amendment to the constitution in 1993.

how many schedules are there in indian constitution?

At present total, there are 12 schedules in the Indian constitution. While the initial constitution had only 8 schedules.

What is number of parts and schedules in Indian constitution?

At present total 24 parts and 12 schedules are there in the Indian constitution. The parts are simply a division of the whole constitution in a different chapter dealing with different subjects. While the schedules of the Indian constitution are the appendage to the Indian constitution.

How many articles and schedules are there in Indian constitution?

At present total, 445 articles are there in the Indian constitution. While the number of schedules in the present Indian constitution is 12.

how many schedules are there in Indian constitution?

Eighth Schedule of Indian constitution contains 22 Indian Languages. Interestingly it does not contain English.

which schedule of Indian constitution contains languages?

Schedule eight of Indian constitution contains the languages. At present it contains 22 languages. It does not contain English.