Parts of Indian constitution: Different Chapter

At present there are 25 parts of Indian constitution. The constitution has been divided in different parts each dealing with different matters
Constitution of India,

All the articles of the Indian Constitution have been grouped into various Parts. Each Part deals with the different subject matter. Originally the total number of Parts of Indian constitution was 22 which has now increased to 25.

Various articles have been divided into Parts for the convenient because each Part deals with a different subject matter. Total number of parts of the Indian constitution is 25 which are as follow

           Part                        Article Covered                                  Subject Matter

1. Part I                       1 to 4                                      Union and its Territory

2. Part II                      5 to 11                                     Citizenship

3. Part III                    12 to 35                                   Fundamental Rights

4. Part IV                    36 to 51                                    Directive Principles of State Policy

5. Part IV-A                 51 A                                         Fundamental Duties

6. Part V                      52 to 151                                  The Union Government

7. Part VI                     152 to 237                                The State Government

8. Part VIII                  239 to 242                                The Union Territory

9. Part IX                     243 to 243-O                            The Panchayats

10. Part IX-A                 243-P to 243-ZG                      The Municipalities

11. Part IX-B                 243-ZH to 243-ZT                   The Cooperative Society

12. Part X                      244 to 244-A                             The Scheduled and Tribal Areas

13. Part XI                     245 to 263                                Relation between Union and States

14. Part XII                    264 to 300-A                            Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits

15. Part XIII                   301 to 307                                Trade.Commerce and Intercourse within                                                                                               the territory of Indian 

16. part XIV                   308 to 323                               Service under Union and States

17. Part XIV-A               323-A to 323-B                      Tribunals

18. Part XV                    324 to 329-A                           Election      

19. Part XVI                   330 to 342                              Special provisions relating to certain classes

20. Part XVII                  343 to 351                              Official Language

21. Part XVIII                352 to 360                              Emergency Provisions

22. Part XIX                   361 to 367                               Miscellaneous

23. Part XX 368 Amendment to the constitution

24. Part XXI                   369 to 392                             Temporary, Transitional and Special                                                                                                      Provisions

25. Part XXII                   393 to 395                            Short Title, Commencement, authoritative                                                                                              Text in Hindi and Repeals 

How many parts are there in Indian constitution?

The total number of parts in which the Indian constitution is divided is 25. While the original constitution had 22 parts.

which part of constitution deals with fundamental rights?

Part III of the Constitution deals with Fundamental Rights. This Part range from Article 12 to 35.

Which part of constitution deals with Citizenship?

Part II of the constitution deals with Citizenship. It ranges from article 5 to 11.

which part of indian constitution deals with union territories?

Part I of Indian constitution deals with the state and union territories of the country.

which part of indian constitution is called its soul?

Part III which deals with the Fundamental Rights is the soul of Indian constitution.