First Satellite of India : ISRO Space Programme

Aryabhatta became the first satellite of India. It was launched on 19th April 1975 from the USSR launch vehicle KOSMOS-3M.

Aryabhatta became the first satellite of India
First Satellite of India, Source

This was the very first satellite launched by India. It was named after the 5th-century Indian Mathematician Aryabhatta. This was the experimental satellite suppose to carry out experiments related to X-Ray astronomy, Aeronomy, and Solar Physics.

This satellite was weighing 360 Kilogram, it has 26 faces and out of which 24 has a solar cell for power recharge. After the launch of this satellite, the experiment was conducted for nearly four days. But after four days the ground station lost signal due to the power failure of the satellite. Power was not adequately supplied for this experimental satellite.

This satellite remains in orbit till 1992 after then it enters into the earth’s orbit.

Form there India’s space program long way and now India Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is one of the leading space organizations in the world. ISRO developed its own satellite launching vehicle. Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle (PSLV)and Geostationary Satellite Launching Vehicle(GSLV).

ISRO was set up in the year of 1969 and it comes under the Department of Space to the Prime Minister.

India’s space agency ISRO is now launching a lot of foreign satellites, especially in the polar orbit.

ISRO has successfully able to send its mission to Moon as well as Marsh.

More than 100 missions have been sent in the various orbit since its first satellite launch in 1975.

First satellite of India?

Its name was Aryabhatta . It was launched in 1975 by the Russian launch vehicle. It was an experimental satellite related to solar physics. It remains operational till 1992.

What is the first satellite of India?

Aryabhatta is the name of first satellite of India.

India’s first satellite Aryabhatta was launched from?

It was launched from Russian launching station.

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