First Missile of India: Missile program of India

Prithvi I became the first missile of India. It was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme. This programme starts in the year and 1983 and this missile was inducted in the Indian Army in 1996.

Prithvi I became the first missile of India.
Prithvi Missile, Source

Prithvi I is a single-stage Surface to Surface Missile. This missile is liquid-fuelled. The range of this missile is 150 Km. The warhead which it can carry is 1000 Kg. It was a short-range missile.

Defence Research and Development Organisation is the primary organisation which is responsible to conduct research and develop defence equipment.

The project under which this missile was developed was known as Project Devil.

Though under Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme another missile Like Prithvi II and Prithvi III were also developed in the subsequent years. The range and warhead capacity of Prithvi II and Prithvi III were far more superior than Prithvi I.

Form the year when the first missile of India Prithvi I was developed by India, now more than thirty years later India was able to develop missiles like Agni series of missile, Brahmos Missile.

At present India has the capability to hit the missile up to the range of 5000 Km by Agni V missile.

The Indian missile is now capable of delivering through all the routes like surface, air and water. The later version of Prithvi missile as well as Agni Series of the missile is capable to carry a nuclear warhead.

The Indian government is now replacing the Prithvi I with the more advanced missile defence system.

The DRDO works under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. Defence Minister is considered as an important member in the Council of Ministers headed by Prime Minister.

India has now developed the Triad Delivery System i.e. the nuclear bomb can be delivered through the land, air and sea.