First IAS Officer of India: Civil Servant

Satyendra Nath Tagore became the first IAS officer of India(at that time it was known as the Indian Civil Service, ICS). He qualified for this job in the year 1963. He was allocated Bombay Cadre.

Satyendra Nath Tagore became the first Indian to join Indian Civil Service
Satyendra Nath Tagore, Source

During his tenure at the various posts in British India and contributed to the administration of the country. Satyendra Nath Tagore retires from ICS in the year of 1897 from the post of Judge at Satara.

First IAS Officer of IndiaSatyendra Nath Tagore, 1863
First women IAS officers of IndiaAnna George Malhotra
Father of civil Service in India Lord Cornwallis
Father of All India Service in IndiaSardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
Facts about IAS

Charter Act of 1853 abolished the patronage system to appoint the civil servants in India. It introduced the competition system to appoint civil servants.

Indian Civil Service Act 1861, established a post known as the Indian Civil Service. ICS officers used to serve at the most important civil service post in India. This Act also allows Indians to compete for this post.

Indian Service officers used to get appointed at various posts starting from Sub Divisional Magistrate to District Magistrate up to secretary level. Because of the nature of the job and role played in the administration of the country this ICS officer is known as the Steel Frame of India.

After independent, the name of this service had been changed to Indian Administrative Service(IAS). Which is an All India Services? Though the power and duties have changed in democratic India, still it is one of the most sought after jobs in India.

During colonial India, the ICS officers used to get appointed for administrative jobs as well as Judicial jobs. But in independent India, Executive and Judiciary got separated as per the provision of Article 50 of the Indian constitution.

Who was the first IAS officer of India?

Satyendra Nath Tagore became the first Indian to qualify the IAS(ICS at that time) in the year 1863.

Who was the first women IAS officer of India?

Anna George Malhotra became the first Indian woman to qualify for the IAS examination.

Who is known as the father of Civil Services in India?

Lord Cornwallis is known as the Father of Civil Services in India.

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