First Car in India

Hindustan 10 the first car made in India by the Hindustan Motors in collaboration with Morris Motors
Hindustan 10, first car in India.
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Hindustan 10 became the first car that was manufactured in India. It was built by the Hindustan Motors with the support of Morris Motors of Britain. Though before that several models of a car imported from different countries were running on Indian roads. This car was launched in India in 1946.

Hindustan Motors was established in 1942 and the first car which rolled out of the factory was Hindustan 10 in 1946. The factory which produced this car was located in Hindustan Motors Limited facility, Port Okha, Gujrat.

Hindustan 10 car cylinder 1.3 liters, overhead valve engine, that produced 37 bhp at 4600 rpm. This car had a maximum speed of 100 Km/h. The total weight of the car was around 934 Kg.

Hindustan 10 was actually not manufactured in India but rather it was assembled in India. The original designer and manufacturer were Harris Motors.

10 Histrorcal Facts about car in India

1First Car which was manufactured in IndiaHindustan 10, 1946 by Hindustan Motors
2First Indigenous build Car
Tata Indica by Tata Motors in 1998
3The first car which was owned by IndianDe Dion Bouton, French-made steam engine car by Maharaja of Patiala, 1892
4Hindustan 10 was made in Port Okha facility, Gujrat by Hindustan Motors Limited
5Top Speed of Hindustan 10
Up to 100km/h
6Famous ‘Ambassador‘ car was made byHindustan Motors
7First Jeep in India was made by Mahindra and Mahindra
8First Electric car in IndiaREVA
9The largest producer of the car in IndiaMaruti Suzuki
10The first car in the worldBenz Patent-Motorwagen, by Germany
Historical Facts about car in India

Tata Indica became the first car that was produced in India totally indigenous. It was made from scratch all the design and manufacturing was done in India. It was done by Tata Motors. This car was launched in the Indian market in 1998.

The first-ever car which was owned by an Indian was French-made De Dion Bouton powered by the steam engine. It had a two-cylinder. This car was imported from France by the Maharaja of Patiala in 1892.

The first non-steam engine car which ran on Indian road was owned by an Englishman Mr. Foster of Cropton Greaves company. He was an engineer in that company. In 1901 JRD Tata became the first Indian to own a car. In the same year other three Indians also bought a car.

The first electric car that was made and launched in India was REVA in 2001. This car made by the Banglore based company Reva Electric Car Company. This company was later bought by the Mahindra and Mahindra Company.

Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (FAME) is the program of the Ministry of Heavy Industry and Public Enterprises, central government to promote the electric vehicle in India. FAME II is currently operational since April 2019. This is the ambitious program of the Prime Minister.

Which was the first car in India?

Hindustan 10. Made by Hindustan Motors

What was the first car to be made fully indigenous?

Tata Indica became the first car to be made fully indigenous. It was fully designed and manufactured in India. It was made by Tata Motors Pvt Limited.

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