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Current Affairs for UPSC is very important to crack civil services examination
Current Affairs for UPSC,
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This article about the preparation of Current Affairs for UPSC CSE. This article deals with various sources that are important for UPSC CSE. Which newspaper to read?Whether following only newspapers would be sufficient? What are the other sources which will help you to prepare current affairs?. Whether you should make notes for a newspaper or collect paper cutting?. Whether you should depend on newspaper analysis provided by various coaching institutes?. All such questions which are in your mind will be answered in this article.

A newspaper is an integral part of UPSC CSE Preparation. Earlier you will start better the result will be.

Today in the changed scenario where questions are asked at every stage for the current affairs section the importance of Newspapers has increased tremendously.

What is the importance of Current Affairs for UPSC Examination?

Prelims Stage:

At the Prelims stage, the number of questions asked has increased tremendously. Even traditional topics are asked in the context of the recent development in those areas. Around 30-40 percent of questions are asked which can be solved if you have read the Newspaper thoroughly. 

Mains Stage:

In the IAS Mains examination, there are four General Studies Papers, One Essay Paper. Which can be answered well if you have covered the recent development in the country and world. Without covering the current affairs it will be almost impossible to write a good answer in these papers. Even in Optional paper especially Paper-II, some questions are asked which will be answered well if you have prepared current affairs very well.

Interview Stage :

In an interview, quite often your opinion is asked related to recent developments. If you are not aware of these developments then you will not be able to answer these questions in a proper way.

Is it sufficient for anyone newspaper for UPSC?   

Most of the students go for either The Hindu or Indian Express. Both are good Newspapers for the IAS Examination point of view. You can go to anyone in this newspaper. But preparing Current Affairs from only one newspaper will not be sufficient. You have to supplement your preparation from the other sources. Other sources on which you can depend for your preparation are All India Radio(FM Gold)/Lok Sabha TV/Rajya Sabha TV, PIB, Economic and Political Weekly, Yojana, Kurushetra.   

I would prefer to read one newspaper, Listening AIR news from 9 to 9:30 PM, Read Economic and Political Weekly selectively, Visiting PIB site on a regular basis, Yojana, Kurushetra.

How to read Newspaper for Current Affairs for UPSC? 

Newspaper reading is integral to UPSC CSE preparation. It is going to consume a lot of time for your preparation. In such a scenario it is quite obvious that you must know, how to get the maximum benefit from the time you spend on newspaper reading. This becomes more pertinent from the fact that the syllabus of UPSC CSE is very vast. To cover the entire syllabus reducing time wastage becomes very important. Here are some guidelines which will help you to optimize your time in the reading newspaper.

1. Focus only on some important pages of the newspaper. Front Page, World and International News, Economics News, Editorial Page.

2. Focus on a special edition of topic related to Science and Technology, Art and Culture, Explain page if you are reading Indian Express.

3. Avoid reading political news if it is not related to constitution or governance.

4. Do not make separate notes of the newspaper.

5. If you come across anything important write down in the General Studies notes related to the topic.

6. Every day writes short notes on any important topic you have read in the newspaper. It will also help in answer writing practice.

Which Newspaper is best for Current Affairs for UPSC?

The Hindu and  Indian Express are two important newspapers for this examination.

1. Because these two newspaper covers all the important events which are important from the examination point of view.

2. It does not provide any unwanted news.

3. It provides authentic news. The editorial of this newspaper provides depth insights into the topic.

 You can choose any one of them and follow it rigorously. Following any one newspaper thoroughly will cover all the events which are important from the examination point of view. There is no need to study both the newspaper.

If both the newspaper is not available, then chose anyone decent newspaper. But follow these two newspapers online.

Whether you should buy a monthly Magazine to cover the current affairs?

There is no need to buy a monthly magazine which summarises the news of the previous month. Though in the initial stage you can buy for a few months till you become comfortable in reading the newspaper. Generally, monthly magazine covers the news in very short from and provides only factual data. Which is not adequate for the UPSC CSE point of view. Reading these monthly magazines will not help you to develop a concept and correlate the topic with the conventional subject. 

Detail following of news is possible only through the newspaper. Reading editorial of newspaper allows you to develop analytical ability. Editorial allows you to view the issue from a different angle. Since any important events get covered in the newspaper for more than one day, it allows you to memorize things in a better way.

Whether I should make notes of Newspapers?

There is no need to make notes of Newspaper or collecting paper cutting. One very important question will come in your mind How I will remember so many things without making notes of it ?.

I would like to answer this question as, if you follow these steps then there will be no need to make notes of the newspaper.

1. Listen to the news at 9 PM(AIR/Lok Sabha TV/Rajya Sabha TV) every evening. This will make aware of all the important events of the day. The same news will be covered in the newspaper the next morning. It will also minimize newspaper reading time. 

2. Read the important news covered in the newspaper thoroughly and carefully.

3. Write short notes of some important news in your own language. It will also help you in answer writing practice and revision of the news.

Till this time you will able to cover almost all important news three times.  

Before going for the examination you must practice questions from test conducted by various institutes. Since most of the important news will be covered in any good test series. It will allow you to go through the topic fourth times. But remember that if you come across any topic in test series. Go thoroughly to the topic/issue and do not just cover the topic from the particular question point of view. For example, if any question is asked in the Mock Test about any government scheme then, after completing the test go through all the important points of that particular government scheme.

If you will follow these steps, most of you find that it is futile to make notes of the newspaper.

Apart from Newspaper what should you study to prepare Current Affairs for UPSC?

Apart from the newspaper, there are other sources also which will help you to prepare current affairs. These sources will act as a supplement to the newspaper. Some of the important sources are 

1. PIB Website

2. Political and Economic Weekly

3. Yojana

4. Kurushetra

Reading content regularly will help you to prepare current affairs in a better way. PIB provides all the important events related to the government of India. It is one of the most authentic sources of information. UPSC asks questions directly from PIB news.

All other sources provide detail analysis of any issue. You should read this material selectively.

Whether I should read the news provided by various coaching institutes to prepare for Current affairs for UPSC?

Though nothing wrong in following the news provided by the various coaching institutes. But there is nothing better than reading newspaper thoroughly. These coaching institutes do the same thing for you and provides concise/selective news to you. It seems it will save time in covering current events.

But depending too much upon the material provided by these coaching institutes have its own disadvantage.

1. It will not allow you to develop your own analytical ability.

2. A better understanding of events will not be there.

3. Preparing current affairs from the newspaper gets better memorized.

4. It is well understood that more you will get involved in any activity, the better insight you will develop of that event.

It is better to catch fish yourself rather than depend upon others for the same. 

What are the various sources which will help to prepare current affairs for UPSC?

Newspaper: The Hindu or Indian Express
Television: Lok Sabha TV or Rajya Sabha TV
Radio: All India Radio
Website: PIB(Press Information Bureau)
Magazine: Yojana/ Kurushetra/ Economic and Political Weekly
These are some useful resources for current affairs preparation.

Current Affairs is important at which stage of examination in UPSC?

Current Affairs is important at every stage of the Examination of UPSC CSE. Namely Prelims, Mains and Interview.

Is is compulsory to make notes of Current Issues?

No, it is not compulsory to make notes of the newspaper. The only thing is that cover the important news in detail. It will develop your analytical ability and reduce the need for notes.

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