How to write compare and contrast essay

Compare and Contrast essay is a type of essay writing pattern. There are many other ways as well. Compare and contrast essay is written about two or more subjects who share the similarities as well as dissimilarity among them. When it comes to write an essay about two subject having similar as well as contrasting features this pattern of essay writing is most suitable.

Topics which are suitable for compare and contrast essay.

If you have to write an essay on two subjects which share both similarities as well differences then it is a good idea to write compare and contrast form of essay. Examples

  1. Male and Female
  2. Democracy and Communist
  3. World War I and World War II
  4. Apple and Microsoft
  5. The Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean

How to decide the theme on which you should compare and contrast?

While looking at the subject of writing you have to decide the basis on which you have to compare and contrast. Example

If you have to write compare and contrast essays about the two fruits then you have to choose the theme like Taste, Shape, Colour, Climate required Nutrition..etc.

Steps involved

Step 1: The first segment which you will have to write is the introduction as well as the way you will explore these two topics. In the introduction, the section outlines the broad features of the topics which you have chosen to write about.

Step 2: Decides the themes on the basis of which you are going to contrast the subjects of the Essay. This is very important for the body section.

Themes on which you will compare and contrast these two subjects should be comprehensive.

For example, if the essay is about the two ocean Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean then the theme on which we will compare and contrast is the area, depth, ocean currents, countries that surround it.. and so on.

You can write the compare and contrast subjects of essays on different themes in the form of either table or point form.

Step 3: The last step is about writing a good thesis and conclusion. The thesis should be such that it summarises the whole essay as well as provide clear direction or conclusion of the essay.

structure or outline

To be a good essay an essay must have three segments Introduction, Main content or Body and Conclusion. The conclusion or thesis you will write must be well illustrated and established in the body part of the essay.

To outline the similarities as well as differences between the subjects of essay it is best idea to use table form or point form or both. 

Table Form

ThemeSubject 1
Subject 2
Similarity Form of governmentDemocracy is also a form of government Communism is also a
form of government.
Similarity Economic PolicyA Democratic country can
have both capitalists,
the socialist or mixed form of economic policy
In communist country also
participation of private
the sector is significant.
Difference Number of political partiesIn Democracy two or more than two political parties existIn this form only one
political party exists
Difference Election and participation of peopleHere the government of the people is directly elected by the people.Common masses do
not participate in the election
of political leaders
Difference between Democracy and Communist

Point Form :

You can also choose the point form to show the similarity as well as differences. Like

People Participation: While there is provision for participation of common masses in the election and chose their representative. There is no such provision in communism.

The number of Political Parties: The number of political parties in a democracy is always two or more while in communism only one political party exists.

In the above paragraph, I have contrasted the two topics in relation to the participation of common masses during the election of the leader. You have to compare and contrast the subject on different ground. Remember it should be comprehensive.

Thesis statement

The essay must have the thesis at the end. It will be always better to write a thesis related to the features which are most contrasting or most unlikely or innovative or features most of the people are not aware of.

The thesis provides a clear and useful direction to the readers about the essay. The thesis should never be vague and confusing.

Example of Compare and Contrast essay

Topic: the Atlantic Ocean Vs pacific Ocean


The Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Pacific ocean, is the part of Oceanic system of the earth. These two oceans play a very important role in the climate across the globe. They are separated by the American continents.


The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. It plays a very important role in the oceanic circulation, the climate of different countries. It is also very important for international trade.

While on the other hand Atlantic ocean and its currents have their own role in the climate of the European countries, American and African countries. It is also very important for international trade.

Equatorial Current flow in both Pacific as well as the Atlantic Ocean.

These two oceans touch North America as well as South America. And both Pacific, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, affects the climate of North America as well as South America Continents.

The important currents which flow in the Pacific ocean are California Current, Peruvian Current, Kuroshio, Oyashi current, East Australian current.

The important currents which flow in the Atlantic ocean are Brazilian Current, Gulf Current, canaries current, North Atlantic Drift.. etc.

Al-Nino, as well as the La-Nina Pacific ocean, has more effect as compared to the Atlantic Ocean. The disturbances in the pacific ocean have a severe effect on the climate and weather of Asian countries as well as Australia.

Pacific Ring of Fire where most of the volcano of Earth exists is located in the Pacific Ocean. Whereas in the Atlantic ocean very few active volcanoes exists.

The Mariana Trench which is the lowest point on the earth is located in the Pacific Ocean.

Thesis: Though both the Pacific Ocean as well as the Atlantic ocean vary in different ways but their role in the climate of the globe and international trade is very significant.

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