Attorney General Of India: The Chief Legal Adviser

Attorney General of India is the chief legal adviser to the Government of India. He is the first law officer within the country. He is appointed by the president and hold his office during the pleasure of president[Article 76].

That means he can be removed from office any time when president wish. There is not any procedure mentioned in the constitution which has to be followed to remove him from office.

Present Attorney General of India

K.K.Venugopal is the current serving Attorney General of India
K.K. Venugopal :
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K.K. Venugopal (15th)is the current serving Attorney General of India. He has assumed his office in June 2017. Since then he is at this post. He became 13th person to hold this post.

In performing his duty, he is assisted by the Solicitor General of India(Second Law Officer of India). Currently this post is hold by Tushar Mehta.

First Attorney General of India

M.C. Setalvad became the first Attorney General in January 1950. He served at this post for longest period of time. He served during the Prime Ministership of Jawaharlal Nehru.


As per constitution any person can be appointed as Attorney General of India, if he is qualified to be appointed as a judge of Supreme Court(i.e. He must be a citizen of India and have been in the post of judge of High Court for at least 5 years or Working as advocate at any High Court for at least ten years or must be an eminent jurist).

Power and Duties

His primary duty is to give legal advice to the government of India. But he have to perform any legal duties assigned to him by president of India. As a chief advocate of Government of India, he represent the government at all occasions where legal issue is there.

Attorney General has the right of audience in all courts in India.

He can attend the proceeding of both the houses of parliament but he can not vote any motion or resolutions.

List of Attorney General of India since 1950

  1. M.C. Setalvad – January 1950 to March 1963
  2. C.K. Daphtary – March 1963 to October 1968
  3. Niren De – November 1968 to March 1977
  4. S.V. Gupte – April 1977 to August 1979
  5. L.N. Sinha – August 1979 to August 1983
  6. K. Parasaran – August 1983 to December 1989
  7. Soli Sorabjee – December 1989 to December 1990
  8. G. Ramaswamy – December 1990 to November 1992
  9. Milon K. Banerji – November 1992 to July 1996
  10. Ashok Desai – July 1996 to April 1998
  11. Soli Sorabjee – April 1998 to June 2004
  12. Milon K. Banerji – June 2004 to June 2014
  13. Gopal Essaji Vahanvati – June 2009 to June 2014
  14. Mukul Rohtagi – June 2014 to June 2017
  15. K.K. Venugopal- June 2017 to Present

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