About US

This website is all about the general information which a curious human beings are looking for. It contains a lot of information useful for the students preparing for the various competitive examination especially civil service.

We are striving to provide some most useful content which is needed by most of the people and neglected by the mainstream media. I will try to make the content of this website most relevant to the user.

What is this website all about?

This site is made to help the students preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Here you will get all types of content like UPSC news, Guideline, current issues, General Awareness.

Is there any fee for this assistance?

No, we are providing this assistance free of cost. No money is charged from the user. We get money while displaying the ad on the webpage.

Is there any paid service?

At present, there is not any paid course or service.

You provide any personal guidance?

No, we do not provide any personal guidance.

Is content on this website is sponsored?

No, the content of this website is not sponsored by any institute or coaching. All the articles are based on the knowledge and experience of the writer.

Let’s build something together.